San Hima Double Air Swag Camping Swags Free Standing Dome Tent 22cm Air Mattress

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Discover the future of swag with the air pole swag by San Hima. Say goodbye to cumbersome pole assemblies and embrace the ease and speed of setup with our innovative air poles. Experience unparalleled comfort, durability, and a hassle-free camping adventure with our double swag.
With our air swag, instant setup is a reality. Just connect the hurricane pump to the inflation point, and you're ready to go. Crafted from 245gsm PU-coated polyester-cotton and 600gsm PVC floor, our swag ensures strength and reliability. Plus. It's impressively larger in size compared to aluminum poles swags while being lighter at just 11.6kg. Stay shielded from the elements with its UPF 50+ UV protection and a 3,000mm waterproof rating, complete with rain covers and waterproof tape sealing to keep you dry in the rain. When it's time to rest, our 22cm thick air mattress, with an electric air pump, promises a cozy night's sleep.
Elevate your camping experience with our swag, a top choice for outdoor adventures.<br /><b style='margin-top: 15px; display: block;'>Features</b><ul><li>Easy Setup & Storage: Effortlessly set up and deflate our swag with included hurricane air pump using a single inflation point and the air valve, and neatly store it using included bags.</li><li>Roomy yet Lightweight: Impressively larger in size to aluminum poles swag while lighter at 11.6kg for easy storage, and equipped with 4 inner storage pockets for your essentials.</li><li>Deluxe Air Mattress: Inflated effortlessly with the included electric air pump, our mattress offers effortless storage, easily rolled up with your air swag. and extra comfort at 22cm thick.</li><li>Exceptional Durability: Our swag, crafted from 245gsm PU-coated polyester-cotton, provides 3,000mm waterproofing, UPF 50+ UV protection, and comfort in any weather.</li><li>Enhanced Waterproofing: Rain covers fitted over the air poles and waterproof tape sealing every seam of the swag provide extra protection, ensuring it stays dry during intense rain.</li><li>Indestructible Air Poles: Made from TPU and covered with 420D Oxford fabric, our puncture-resistant air poles are virtually indestructible.</li><li>Rugged PVC Floor: The 600gsm PVC floor of our double swag is waterproof and built to withstand harsh use.</li><li>Ventilated & Bug-Free: Enjoy refreshing and bug-free environment with 2 full-length doors and 2 zip-down windows featuring 125gsm mesh. Two-way doors ensure easy access.</li><li>Extendable Awning: Adapt to unpredictable weather with ease by rolling away or extending 2 large storm covers with poles for fully protected space in unfavorable conditions.</li><li>Shoe Changing Area: Conveniently change your shoes in a dedicated area before entering the interior of our San Hima swag, ensuring cleanliness and comfort.</li></ul>