San Hima 270° Awning With Side Wall Free-Standing Car Roll Out Privacy Screens

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Discover utmost convenience with our 270° awning, featuring Incorporated Support System for quick one person setup. Whether you are resting or cooking under the spacious 11 m2 shelter, it will stay firmly in place, offering a panoramic view with reliable protection from UV radiation and unexpected downpours.
With the vertical legs hinged to the horizontal arms, each piece effortlessly falls into place, sparing you from the search or management of multiple loose components while setting up your shelter. Crafted from mold-resistant 600D double-ripstop Oxford, our free-standing awning delivers 3000mm waterproofing and UV50+ protection, ensuring your camping experiences won’t be interrupted by sudden storms or scorching heat. The unyielding aluminum framework,fortified by stainless steel knuckles, stands steady even in adverse wind conditions of 48 knots.The fire-retardant storage bag is crafted from 580gsm PVC,keeping San Hima 4x4 awning safe from damage and the elements during transport.<br /><b style='margin-top: 15px; display: block;'>Features</b><ul><li>One Person Setup: Our awning is a breeze to set up with the Incorporated Support System, just one person, one minute. There's no need to deal with unnecessary hassles.</li><li>Freestanding Flexibility: Our 4x4 awning features freestanding design with the option for vertical legs, providing added stability especially in windy weather conditions.</li><li>Weatherproof Redefined: Constructed from mold-resistant 600D double-ripstop Oxford with waterproof tapes, it provides 3000mm waterproofing and UV50+ protection.</li><li>Built Tough: With stainless steel knuckles, powder-coated aluminum poles and 580gsm PVC tarpaulin reinforcement, our shelter is born to endure harsh conditions.</li><li>Incorporated Support System: Horizontal arms hinged to vertical legs with built-in pegs, Velcro stabilizers on arms, and guy ropes ensure stability, even in 48 knots of wind.</li><li>Maximum Space: Enjoy a generous 11 m2 of space with 270° coverage, allowing you to have a private space for cooking, sitting and even setting your swag under.</li><li>Roomy yet Tough Bag: Our fire-retardant storage bag, made from 580gsm PVC, is built to weather any storm. Enjoy the convenience of large zipper tabs for easy access.</li><li>Versatile Application: Tailored for the passenger side of your ride, our 270° awning is a perfect fit for SUVs, vans, trucks and more.</li><li>Built-in LED Lights: Light up your nights with our built-in dual-color LED camping lights. Switch to bug-free orange mode for cozy evenings under the stars.
Note: While this awning is freestanding, it is strongly recommended to use vertical legs and the provided guy ropes and pegs for enhanced stability, especially in harsh environmental conditions. Any damage resulting from not correctly securing the awning will not be covered under warranty.</li><li>Highly Versatile: Explore various setups with our interchangeable wall panels, adapting effortlessly to different configurations.</li></ul>