San Hima 8 Gallons Pressurized Water Tank Camper Trailers Caravans 4X4

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Red mud from the outback has a corrosive effect on plastics & rubbers, when left for too long it can eat its way into tires, fender liners and more. This pressurized water tank gives enough water pressure to get mud off your rig. You can also use the pressurized water tank for muddy bikes, dirty dishes & sandy feet.
Made of aluminium with powder coat finish, this San Hima pressurized water storage delivers 8 gal (30L) water and can heat up the water by up to 86℉ in the sun for a hot shower (shower head & adaptor not included). And the self-pressurizing tank comes with brass fittings and stainless steel mounting hardware for years of use. The nozzle has four patterns to meet all your needs. This 8 gal pressurized water storage includes two outlets, one on each end, which allows moving the hose to the other outlet for convenient water access. Take it camping, fishing, to the beach, off-roading, or anywhere your life meets the great outdoors!<br /><b style='margin-top: 15px; display: block;'>Features</b><ul><li>Extremely Versatile: The pressurized water storage delivers 8 gal (30L) water to spray the mud from your tires, wash mud slung bikes, dirty dishes and sandy feet.</li><li>Hot Water Available: This pressurized water storage can heat up the water by up to 30 degrees in the sun.</li><li>Multi Pattern Nozzle: The nozzle is engineered with four patterns and can meet all your needs.</li><li>Hands Free Use: The nozzle features a locking clip which provides you with hands free running water.</li><li>Hassle Free Pressurization: Your tank will automatically pressurize as it fills through a garden hose, or be manually pressurized through the Schrader air valve.</li><li>Built-in Pressure Relief Valve: It automatically relieves excess pressure to prevent excess pressure buildup that has the potential to cause a tank burst.</li><li>High Durability: This pressurized water tank is built of lightweight aluminum with powder coat finish for years of use.</li><li>Secure Mounting: Two slots on the bottom allows for more dependable attachment to your vehicle than single slot of counterparts.</li><li>Dual Outlets: The 8 gal (30L) pressurized water tank includes two outlets, one on each end, for convenient water access.</li><li>Functional Hose: The spray hose is 53’’ (135cm) long, which can meet a variety of outdoor washing needs while still maintaining high water pressure.</li></ul>