San Hima Jump Starter With Air Compressor 2500A Portable 12V Power

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Say goodbye to the inconvenience of waiting for roadside assistance with the San Hima jump starter! With a powerful peak current of 2500A, this versatile 4-in-1 device not only jump-starts your vehicle reliably but also inflates tires to your desired pressure, charges your phone, and provides emergency illumination.
Unleash the power of our 20000mAh jump starter, boasting 1000+ life cycles. It can jumpstart your engine in mere 1-3 seconds, offering up to 50 starts. The USB-C input/output port allows for rapid charging of the jump starter in just 1.5 hours and offers a swift power boost for your USB devices. Moreover, the air compressor can effortlessly inflate your off-road tires. With the latest Battery Management System (BMS), enjoy 10 layers of protection for peace of mind. The large display screen makes operational status and battery level clear at a glance. Additionally, the integrated LED with 3 modes enhances its versatility for camping, emergencies, travel, and more.<br /><b style='margin-top: 15px; display: block;'>Features</b><ul><li>Versatile Device: Go light with our jump starter & air compressor - no separate preparations needed for a jump starter, compressor, power bank, and emergency light.</li><li>Robust Peak Current: With a powerful 2500A peak current, our jump starter rapidly revives dead car batteries in 1-3 seconds, delivering up to 50 starts for regular use.</li><li>Emergency Air Compressor: Restore your mobility within minutes using the air compressor. Simply set your preferred PSI and witness swift tire inflation.</li><li>Portable Powerhouse: With a 20000mAh capacity and 1000+ cycles, our jump starter ensures you're charged for any adventure with USB-A and USB-C ports.</li><li>Bidirectional Quick Charge: With a 60W USB-C port, SAN HIMA’s jump starter can be rapidly charged in just 1.5 hours, and swiftly powers up your USB devices.</li><li>IntelliSafe Guardian: Equipped with the latest BMS, it offers 10-layer protections, eliminating any potential damage to the system from misuse, overload, and more.</li><li>Smart Display: The large-sized display screen on our jump starter provides clear visibility of operational status, battery level, and potential errors at a glance.</li><li>3-in-1 LED Light: The jump starter's integrated LED light offers three modes - constant light, strobe, and SOS - ideal for camping, emergencies, and so forth.</li></ul>