San Hima LED Torch Light 6000mAh Power Bank Rechargeable Flashlight Portable

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<b style='margin-top: 15px; display: block;'>Features</b><ul><li>Power Beyond Light: Our torch isn't just a light source—it doubles as a 6,000mAh power bank with USB-A/C ports, keeping you lit and your devices fully charged.</li><li>100 Hours Run Time: With 100 hours runtime and a rapid 4-hour USB-C recharge, our torch ensures your journeys are always brilliantly lit, never dimmed by darkness.</li><li>Light Up Your Way: From low, medium to high, our power bank LED torch offers three brightness settings on its white floodlight mode, boasting a maximum 600lm.</li><li>Bugs-free Experience: Say goodbye to pesky insects with our mosquito repellent amber light, allowing you to relax outdoors without becoming a magnet for them.</li><li>Emergency SOS: Featuring dual SOS strobes in red and blue, our LED torch light ensures visibility and emergency signaling, even in the most remote locations.</li><li>Clarity in the Dark: Illuminate your surroundings with a brilliant 400 lumens, our torch ensures enhanced clarity, guiding your way through the darkest of nights.</li><li>Rugged Reliability: Crafted with durable ABS housing, our power bank LED torch is built to endure shocks and abrasions, staying reliable through any challenge.</li><li>Weather the Elements: Rated IP-65 waterproof, our lithium rechargeable torch not only endures rain but also shrugs off splashes, ensuring uninterrupted illumination.</li><li>Mount Anywhere: With its magnetic base, our rechargeable torch light effortlessly adheres to any ferrous surface, providing hands-free convenience for all your tasks.</li><li>Versatile Functionality: Whether you're camping, hiking, fishing, or handling under bonnet repairs, our torch are your trusted companions in any circumstance.</li></ul>